Warm Weather New Activities

School-age 2

When the opportunity for sunshine and warmth arose, the children engaged in activities that reminded them of the summer. Coloured chalk was provided and one child decided to share the bubbles he had received from a teacher at school.

Colton took large inhales in and blew out as hard as he could. Bubbles came pouring out. When his peers saw, they engaged with him squealing with happiness as they chased and popped the bubbles he was blowing. Cause and effect were demonstrated when Colton tried blowing at and nothing came out. He looked at the want and discovered that there was no solution on it. He put the want back in to the container and ensured it had solution stuck to it, then he watched as they blew from his wand to the sky. He even used bubbles as an add on for a game of red-light green light. This fostered “Social Play” which is playing with socially agreed upon set of rules.

school age child wearing coat and hat

On another day when the chalk was brought out Colton and Caden fostered their fine motor, creativity, and numeracy skills. First, they drew two life sized drawings of their own comic book characters, next they took to the checkerboard tables and put their math skills to use. Kyrielle called Lucas over and handed him a piece of chalk and asked, “Do you want to draw with me?” Together they worked on giant blue creation. Kyrielle could be heard telling Lucas what a great job he was doing helping her.

olf sa2 mar2024 2
By observing the children participating in these activities we can expand by bringing more of the inside out and think out of the box when using a variety of materials. Once the warmer weather hits again we can experiment with making our own bubbles.