Welcome to Cambridge


We have observed the toddlers engaging in playing with the fire station, house and barn toys. As we observed we noticed them working on their social skills as they build and string together more sentences as they engaged in play. They have also worked on turn taking and being patient as they for their next turn.

So next we set up a provocation where it appeared to be similar to the Delta intersection in the heart of Cambridge. We included a car map, a house, a fire station, a playground and even a zoo (African Lion safari). This gave the toddlers a chance to engage in imaginary play while recognizing landmarks from their own town. Hudson yelled out, “look a fire station!” As Zyan was more interested in engaging in playing with the house asking, “sister? Sister?” It appeared that Zyan was thinking of his family as he engaged in play! Leon used the barn as a garage to get the school bus serviced before picking up all the children for school! Finn found the area that looked like a construction site and used his "dozer" to move all the gravel, keeping our roads safe.toddler child sitting on the floor pushing yellow toy bulldozer

Child's hands visibly pushing  a toy care through a barn

As we engaged in imaginary play while looking at our town, we were able to include memory recognition as we remembered what is included in our town we call Cambridge. I wonder what we could add next to our town!