Winter Adventures in Antartica


Welcome to the frosty wonderland of January 2024! This month, our preschoolers at RisingOaks Early Learning | Our Lady of Fatima embarked on an exciting adventure to the captivating land of Antarctica. As snowflakes danced around us, we immersed ourselves in the wonders of snow, ice, and the incredible animals that call freezing environments their home, especially the adorable penguin friends.🐧

Display of Arctic animals and icebergs along with Penguin story
Our preschool is super excited these days! We're having a blast playing with mini icebergs and adorable Arctic & Antarctica animals we received last Christmas. We're also diving into the coolest books about snow and winter animals, and our little ones can't get enough of exploring the creatures from South and North Pole. It's all about joy and discovery around here!

One day Mason grabbed the book and asked,”SangHee! I found the penguin. They are here! read it please.” The book called "And Tango Makes Three." This heartwarming tale is based on a true story about two male penguins who successfully hatched an egg and teamed up to raise baby Tango. Did you know? Tango made history as the zoo's first penguin with two dads. How cool is that? "Just like all families, love and care are what matters when creating a family," The incredible bond between Tango and his two daddy penguins exemplifies the importance of love in family structures, even for penguins. This book not only celebrates the beauty of diverse families but also reminds us that love and care are the true foundations of any family.

And guess what? We don’t end our Antarctica journey from reading! We've been discovering our inner creativity through our activities like shaping and coloring. We even made our own super cute penguin creations using ripped paper. It's been so much fun!
                                                                      Children showing their ripped paper pieces penguin
We would like to share with you what our educators in the classroom heard and seen during our explorations of penguins and Arctic & Antarctic animals.
These are what our preschoolers shared their thoughts:

  • Audrey: Penguins are wobbly and this is how they walk
    (She described as she took her two hands out and walk side by side)
  • Chloe: In Antarctica, we can see water / snow / Ice and it is very cold weather.
  • Charlotte: I know penguin friends can swim in the deep-deep water. I love swimming in the ocean!
  • Liam: Is penguin a bird? I see the wings but they don’t fly.
  • Quinn: Penguins are so soft like my sweater.

 Hailey: I want to go to Antarctica!

 Luna: I am wearing Penguin socks and I can do Penguin marching