Gardening Project | Preschool


Completed: Fall 2017

RECEs: Cassandra, Shannon, Chloe, Susan, Ashley

Objectives: To further explore the children's interest in growing seeds in flowerpots in the classroom. The children were interested to learn more about gardening and how to build their own garden with different veggetables and herbs.

educator and child gardening carrots from our garden

survey showing strawberry is favoured over blueberries








Our project emerged in the Preschool Room when the children created grass pets out of nylons and grass seeds and began growing seeds in flowerpots in our classroom. The children watered the soil daily and watched the green emerge from the pets and the soil. The interest in gardening grew when the educators the teachers brought in items such as gardening gloves, spades, soil, buckets and seed packages.

A lot of planning went into designing, building and planting for our garden box.

Using a variety of materials such as pebbles, tiles, gems and beads the children created steppingstones out of concrete that were later added to the garden.

We grew many veggetables in our garden including carrots, beets and cucumbers. We also grew mint!

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