Book Project


Jr. Camp

Completed: August 2019

RECEs: Amanda, EunHee and Kara.

Objectives: From a group interest in stories and through research, the children will learn all about books and have the opportunity to write and illustrate their own stories.


children listening to a story read by an educatorchildren posting their work on a boardchildren drawing at a table









The group’s project on books began as an observation of the children’s interest in listening to stories read aloud, books being played on CDs, as well as watching and listening to stories on the iPad. Together, the educators and children broke down book structure to explore what goes into creating a story; a beginning, middle and end. They discovered different styles of writing such as comic books, novels and poems. The children expressed their new found knowledge and interests about books and storytelling by becoming their own authors and illustrators, representing what a book means to them.


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