Sewing Adventure

School-age 3

School-age 3 has been learning how to sew! This was spurred on by wondering what to do for Mother’s Day and one child suggested they wanted to make something for their mom. The children showed interest in creating something complicated and it was suggested to try sewing.

With the interest high, Ali, one of our educators, brought in his sewing kit as well as plenty of fabrics to try out. The first few days we just learned the basics, like how to start a project by knitting the thread, putting thread through the eye of the needle, and how to do a basic stitch. After we learned these starting techniques we were able to move to the next phase!

2 school age girls learning to thread a needle

A group of school age children gathered at table sewing together School age girl finishing her sewing project













As the days followed we began to stitch fabrics together, getting a feel for the craft and learning what works, while combining the basic skills and techniques we learned in the beginning. By the second week of sewing, we had moved onto stuffing pillows we made, making shirts for our dolls, and closing our projects up. This was a lot of fun as we figured out how much filling was needed for each of our pillows.

After our projects were done we used scraps from the making process. Ali introduced buttons and a template to make frogs, inviting us to further extend our learning. Hopefully this skill is one we continue learning in the future!

school age girl making doll dress

school age boy stitching fabric school age girl displaying the pillow she made