Paleontology Project



Completed: May 2016

RECEs: Gabi, Shannon, Steph

Objectives: To further explore the children's interest of dinosaurs, which developed into our project of paleontology. The children wanted to gain a better understanding of how big they were and how did they become extinct.


paleontology project webchildren seeing how many of their shoes fit in a dino paw print

 lu pal2



 The project started when the preschoolers became interested in dinosaurs after Luke brought his in from home to show the others. The children began talking about dinosaurs and wanted to find out what they were called and what had happened to them.

We wanted to compare the size of our feet to the size of one Brontosaurus footprint. Even all our shoes combined, the Brontosaurus's foot is still bigger!

The children constructed a volcano using newspaper, flour and water, and then painted it as they worked as a team.

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