Bookmark Challenge

School-age 3

After the book challenge completed last month, the School-Age 2 group continued to show an interest in creative expression and design. From here, the group shifted their focus to their next activity, which consisted of designing their own bookmarks for their stories and books they are currently reading. It started with Yulia, when she mentioned how she loved that the prizes provided during challenges and games in our program were bookmarks. She stated to the group, “Why don’t we create our own bookmarks this time and design various styles.” On this thought, our group got down to work, enhancing their creativity and imaginative thinking as they worked to create their bookmark. Each was unique as the children began adding wording to their bookmarks like “kind” and “inspire”, along with various other quotes. They enhanced the look even further by adding various colors to their bookmark. Some of the group even decided to choose various different types of paper, each with their own texture and pattern printed onto them.  These bookmarks are displayed on our documentation wall, alongside the groups stories / chapter books they made last month. Take a look!

child cutting out their bookmark using scissors

Finished bookmark displayed on a table