Chapter Books

School-age 3

The children in School-age 3 have truly embraced the art of storytelling, which in turn has ignited their creativity and passion for writing and drawing. It all began with Yuila, whose love for writing sparked the idea of creating chapter books within our group. Encouraged by her excitement and enthusiasm, Yulia suggested that each story should include a creative cover page, various chapters, and illustrations spread throughout the books.

Emily T took the initiative to expand her chapter book by carefully creating her outline at home, bringing them to life with the authenticity of a genuine chapter book. On the other hand, Emily Z aimed to cater her book to a younger audience by designing a delightful children's book complete with age appropriate illustrations. Her vision of having our childcare center read her book to the children added a wonderful community aspect to her book.

John, inspired by his fondness for cats, created a heartwarming tale centered around feline companionship and family bonds. Meanwhile, Charlotte dived into a collection of short stories, showcasing her creativity and innovative thinking.

Witnessing the commitment and imagination of our group as they brought their stories to life brings me such immense pride as an educator. Their dedication to creating their stories truly highlights their passion for storytelling. As a next step, we eagerly anticipate the children reading their stories aloud to the group, coming to a collective decision on which story resonates with us the most.

A finished chapter book set out on a table

Child working hard on their drawings