Embarking on a Journey of Compassion


Embarking on a journey of compassion, empathy and learning, our preschoolers headed to on a meaningful field trip to the grocery store. Inspired by Easter and Ramadan and the themes of charity and sharing, we decided to support families in need through our local food bank.

Before our trip, we discussed the importance of helping those less fortunate and brainstormed items to include in our shopping list before flipping through some flyers for some additional ideas.

Equipped with our curated list, we embarked on our adventure, pairing with a buddy for safety. On the way, we reinforced road safety practices as we held onto our buddies tightly the whole way there! 

Upon arrival we scanned the aisles for noodles, beans, pasta, soup, cereal and granola bars - just some of the items on our shopping list! With each item counted and placed in our cart we were ready to head to the checkout counter. We loaded them from the cart onto the conveyor belt. We eagerly observed  as the cashier scanned each item and waited patiently until it was time to pay. With enthusiasm, we handed over the money and collected all our items into boxes. We thanked the cashier and concluded our trip to the store by assisting keri load the items into her car. 

Through this experience, we not only honed our numeracy and problem-solving  skills but also cultivated empathy, compassion, and the invaluable lesson of helping those in need in our very own community! 

child holding two cans in the grocery store

children at the check out putting items onto belt