Letter Recognition


The preschoolers have been participating in letter learning activities aimed at strengthening their letter recognition skills and fostering other important abilities. Educator Adeena aimed to enhance this learning experience by involving the children in a letter game. 

The children gathered around the table as they prepared to play a game called Kaboom, a game created to enhance their vocabulary and letter recognition skills. To play the game, children must select a popsicle stick from a can which contains a letter. As the can goes around the table for the children to select from, if a child happens to draw the popsicle stick marked "Kaboom," they are required to place all their popsicle sticks back into the can. Returning the popsicle sticks to the can allows us to revisit the letters and engage in further brainstorming. With each selection, the children’s minds flourished as they came up with words that began with the chosen letter, igniting a collaborative effort as they brainstormed together.

Through the exploration of letters and words, the children discovered the importance of cooperation and communication with their peers. As they shared their ideas and listened to each other's contributions, they not only expanded their vocabulary but also honed their ability to work as a team. As we went around the table one by one, their confidence grew, and they became more capable at identifying letters and constructing words, fostering a sense of achievement and empowerment. Amelia showed excitement as she picked the letter “A” from the can. “My name starts with the letter A” she said. 

Kaboom became more than just a game, it became a platform for learning, laughter, and shared experiences, as they set out their path for enhancing their literacy and language development.

Child holding up a letter

child picking out a letter