Mother's Day Flowers

School-age 2

Our School-age 2 children made flowers with coffee filters for their moms to celebrate Mother’s Day. First, they used watered down food colouring to dye the coffee filters. They chose red, yellow, green and purple food colouring. After Amanda was finished dying her stack of coffee filters with the purple dye, she started to open them out and put them to dry when she said, “Oh look I am using the purple but the middle is blue.” Then Avery added, “Well because red and blue makes purple so some of the blue is separating.” Ella volunteered to do the red dye and said, “It looks more like bright pink with white in the middle.” The coffee filters were left to dry overnight. The next day the coffee filters were dried and the children were ready to start making their flowers. Each child chose 8 coffee filters and a skewer. Amanda said, “I using purple for my flower.” Then Ariah added, “Well I am choosing more than one colour so my flower will be like a rainbow.” Lucy then commented, “My mom loves the colour purple but I already painted the vase purple so her other favourite colour is green so I will make my flower green.” The children then folded the coffee filters and cut some scallops. As they were doing that Will B. said, “This is just like making a snowflake.” As the children started to stack and glue their coffee filters on the skewer Ethan said, “Hey I can see my flower forming already and I only stack two coffee filters.” When it was Austin’s turn to make his flower he said, “I am making a yellow flower because my vase is green.” Will T. decided that he wanted to make three flowers because he wanted a bouquet of flowers. Finally, the flowers were finished and attached to the coffee jar vase that they children made earlier.

This activity helped the children with a sense of belonging and strengthened relationships with their families. The feeling of being proud of the special gift that they made for the most important person that they love and care about their mom.


Child working on putting leaves on her flower