Upcoming Earth Day

School-age 1

School-Age 1 engaged in their critical thinking skills to collectively brainstorm ideas on how they can contribute to make a difference in helping the earth. The conversation began by the group sharing what they have done in the past on Earth Day. One of the children suggested that picking up litter outside on our playground and school grounds would help to keep the earth clean and our playground a cleaner place to explore. Another child contributed by saying that recycling the garbage would help as well, ensuring that we make sure items go where they are supposed to.

Educator Jung utilized these ideas and provided the group with gloves and garbage bags. The group then ventured outside onto the school grounds and playground and got to work collecting all of the garbage that they could see. The children displayed teamwork and enthusiasm as they eagerly helped to tidy up the environment. Scaffolding on this idea, the group then came up with the idea of planting flowers in our RisingOaks playground to help feed the bees and other insects that call nature their home.

child holding up a piece of garbage they collected