Garbage Truck Project



Completed: April 2022

RECEs: Brittany, Heather and Jamie

Objectives: To gain knowledge about the roles and responsibilities garbage trucks have within our community.


Educator and children kneeling by a recycle bin children and educators watcing the recycle truck across the street

children looking out the window at a recycle truck 









Every week the children noticed a large garbage truck move its way down the street, stopping off at each of the homes nearby, or in front of the school where the large recycle bins sit for collection. Watching this truck week after week, the toddlers became curious about what this truck does and where it goes after it passes our school. This natural provocation inspired us to begin an investigative project on garbage trucks. Through various activities, we developed an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of garbage trucks while building a sense of belonging as we strengthened our connection with our community.  

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