Chemical Reactions Project


School-age 1

Completed: June 2017

RECEs: Courtney and Josephine

Objectives: To further explore the children’s interest in chemical reactions using everyday materials in the classroom.

molecules experiement curdling milk experiment

cemical reaction experiment









The children in group one were very excited when they had the opportunity to try a simple cause and effect experiment that involved baking soda and vinegar. This started the children thinking and making their own predictions as to what was going to happen. During this project the children were able to explore the science of bubbles, how to make ice cream in a bag, how to make curdled milk and spend time using vinegar. They were very thankful for the visit from Kent’s dad – who teaches at a university. To conclude our project we had a science fair for all the families to come and spend some time exploring different science experiments and looking at our documentation about what we learned.


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