Heritage Project


School-age 2

Completed: Spring 2017

RECEs: Rukmanie

Objectives: To further explore the children's interest of their own heritage as well as their peers. The children were interested to learn more about the countries their parents are from, and how the temperatures vary based on where they are located in relation to the equator.

project wall displaying pictures children carying their handmade chinese dragon

boy wearing a sombrero hat








 This project evolved from a conversation at snack time while the children were eating Polish Sausage. Veronica said, “I know that this sausage is called “Kielbasa” because my mom is Polish.”

We were so greatful to have many "guest experts" (aka parents) to teach us about different cultures:

  • Jessica's mom from China
  • Joseph's dad from Peru
  • Matthia's mom from Italy
  • Sydney's dad from El Salvador

Family Day gave us an inspiration to celebrate our own Heritage Day. The children were given an opportunity to bring in items from their heritage to share with the other children.

The children created a paper maché globe, temperature chart, flags, a Chinese dragon, and much more! They experimented with different foods and even danced to music from different cultures.

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