Sock Project



Completed: June 2019

RECEs: Heather, Joanne and Nadine

Objectives: To further explore the children’s interest in socks using age appropriate activities and exploration.


girl proudly showing her socks group in a circle showing their fun socks

children pointing to girls socks














Initially the educators in the room observed the children pulling off their socks, examining them and even wearing them on different parts of their body (on their hands for example). They seemed very fascinated by their socks and by the other children’s’ socks too. As the educators showed the toddlers how to place their socks back on their feet, their interest grew. This is when the educators decided to try some sock activities to see if socks continued to spark an interest for the children. As we started the project we continued to watch the children and asked some of the more verbal toddlers what they wanted to know about socks. 


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