Something's Fishy Project



Completed: April 2017

RECEs: Becca, Heather, and Joanne

Objectives: To expand on our current knowledge of fish and learn different things about fish; where they live, what they eat and how they swim all day.

Toddler drawing a fish boy looking at a fish

girl cutting a string







Something fishy has been happening in the toddler room at Owl-St. Matthew. The children received a new fish tank in their classroom along with a new fish they named Taco. When creating Taco’s new home many questions came about. The toddlers wanted to know if fish had mommies too? What do fish eat? Do fish play in the snow? Where do fish live? Along with many others. The children explored cutting open a real fish, fishing in their classroom and having a special guest come to talk about taking care of a fish pet.


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