Spider Project


School-age 1

Completed: March 2022

RECEs: Josephine and Keri

Objectives: The School-Age 1 Group set out on an investigative project to discover as much knowledge as they could into the great world of Spiders.


completed project web girl showing her spider creation made of playdough

making spider webs with spagetti












“Look Josephine, a giant spider! What kind is it?”. This is the question that sparked the JKK/SK’s sense of wonder and curiosity to start a journey to gain knowledge into Spiders. Using their investigative skills, cohesive teamwork skills and prior knowledge, the group took on the task of creating a list of things we wanted to explore regarding Spiders. Through various experiences that took into consideration age-appropriate learning opportunities, the children engaged in science, math, art, and cognitive activities that gave us insight into these questions. From learning about the Spider’s life cycle, where spiders are located in the world, the anatomy of the spider, all the way to creating their own 3-D representation, the group embarked on this journey together to answer the questions we set out to discover. Look into the project and follow along as they children learned new and innovative discoveries into Arachnids!


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