Tin Cans Project


School-age 2

Completed: March 2022

RECEs: Anna and Rukmanie

Objectives: The school-age children had the ongoing objective of finding new and innovative ways in which they can reuse tin cans of all shapes and sizes.


tin can craft of a scare crow Child hammering plastic cups to a wooden log

children doing dragon dance to celebrate Chinese New Year








The Tin Can project provided various opportunities for children to engage in diversity as the project spanned over many different holidays. Educator Rukmanie wanted to emphasize cultural diversity throughout the project by celebrating holidays such as Chinese New Year, Hanukah, and so many more. Using Tin Cans, the children created a Tin Can Chinese Dragon, and even a menorah. These opportunities for children to submerse themselves in diverse culture built cultural awareness and diversity, along with inclusion and a sense of belonging as the children felt a deep connection and relation to some of the holidays celebrated. 


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