Winter Olympics Project


School-age 3

Completed: April 2022

RECEs: Kelsey

Objectives: This Winter Olympics project served as a chance for the group to engage their recapitulative skills as they embarked on a journey to explore winter sports in all of its glory. The group explored various aspects of the Olympics from its rich history, all the way to the various events it encompasses.


Olympic Banner Creation children standing and kneeling on ice in their snowsuits in the winter















The Winter Olympics project took us on a journey like no other as we embarked on teamwork building, connection, and expanded our athleticism together as one team. The project took the school-agers on many different paths as they facilitated group events/games highlighting the Olympic sports, as well as engaging their creative expression in the various crafts they created to represent the Olympics. The children were given this unique experience with the ability to embark on this project, right alongside the 2022 Olympics taking place. This project provided confidence to the group as well as built that sense of belonging as we saw children who never wanted to play sports, open up and expand on their own abilities and discover the power of sports and sportsmanship as we focuses on one common goal.

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