Indigenous Project


The children in School-age 2 were exploring an activity during Halloween where they were making Dracula by using tin cans and paint. When Nora finished making her Dracula, she left it for the glue to dry and went home. Dylan then stacked his finished Dracula on top of Nora’s and said, “Hey look, the Dracula looks like a totem pole.” Elijah then added, “Oh yes, I know what a totem pole is, we learned about that at school.” Dylan then added, “I know this because my dad usually reads books about the first people who lived in Canada.” With this small simple acted and conversation the indigenous project started to develop and grow.

Completed: April 2021

RECEs: Rukmanie

Objectives: To further explore the children’s interest of the indigenous culture in Canada.


boy assembling children-created totem pole guest displaying indigenous culture items on a blanket

children building a teepee with sticks










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