Rotation Project


The Infant rotation project began as the educators observed the infants spinning balls and cups or the infants asking the educators to spin balls and cups.

Throughout the project, the infants were introduced to many items that could spin and/or rotate; fidget spinners, a salad spinner, an office chair, a sit and spin, kaleidoscopes, and gears. The infants watched some ballerinas spin and imitated that movement. The infants played some golf to get some balls spinning and they sent balls down a ramp for some spinning action! They used their own wind power to get some pinwheels spinning.

Infants are all about cause and effect, how their own actions affect how things work. This project was a great example of how infants like to participate in these types of activities.


Completed: June 2021

RECEs: Celine, Shannon, Melody and Maja

Objectives: To explore the children’s interest in rotation, sparked by observations of the infants spinning balls and cups or asking an educator to spin the balls and cups.


educator assisting a child as they spin like a ballerina

Child playing with a gear toy

child spinning his toys in a salad spinner













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